Whether you need to frame a hard earned diploma, your child’s first finger painting or a specialty 3D set of memorabilia, we are sure to have the expertise and experience to exceed your highest expectations! We have many beautiful frames and mats to choose from! Our wide variety of frames allow you to choose the style, color and shape that best suits your art work.

Finding artwork for your home can be fun, but framing it can be something else entirely. So, art will often be left lying around the house without being hung. Because there are so many choices to choose from, it can seem overwhelming and even a little pricey. Not only will you see a number of color and style options, but you also have to consider the scale and design of the piece. Conservation needs (such as exposure to acidity and ultraviolet radiation) can be an issue as well. So if you feel this way about framing artwork, you’re not the only one. That’s why the Frame Up wants to make the process as easy for you as possible.


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Finding the Right Solution for Framing Artwork

While we can always make a custom frame for your artwork, it’s a lot easier to find a standard size. The main reason for framing artwork is to shift your focus on the piece, while providing a level of protection that will keep it from getting damaged. A frame will give it that finishing touch — an extra element that will elevate the painting’s overall style. Bur framing is an art by itself. So while a frame can enhance the appearance of your artwork, a bad choice can have the opposite effect.

Not every work of art needs to be framed. For contemporary paintings that have been gallery-wrapped, framing is entirely optional. The term “gallery-wrapped” refers to a canvas that has been wrapped around thick stretcher bars that have been fastened to the back instead of the sides. This type of mounting mechanism keeps the sides of the canvas smooth and free of any visible staples or tacks. Artists who use this technique will often continue to paint around the sides, or they will use a neutral color that matches the canvas.

Approaches To Framing

There are several approaches to framing artwork, but there aren’t any hard rules. The artwork will usually determine the type of frame that will be selected, and it should reflect the painting’s style. Once the right one has been chosen, the piece that can be hung anywhere. And there are different styles that can fit certain pieces of art. A traditional frame won’t work for a contemporary piece, but a modern frame won’t fit the style of a traditional work.

Frames with wider moldings work better on larger works. But if that doesn’t work for you or your space, you can always use a floater frame. They only add 1-4 inches to the height and width of a larger painting, compared to a standard frame that can add as much as 7-12 inches to its overall size. Sometimes, a multilayered frame (which uses one or more framed moldings at the same time) may be used to give it a more unique look. And a linen liner may be included as well. Be sure to visit our framing store for more information about what will work best for your piece.

We also specialize in custom & specialty item framing!

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